Romney Marsh Wools

Romney Marsh Wools

Romney Marsh Wools was born through a firm belief that we wanted to raise awareness of all the benefit that British wool can bring. Natural wool has so many excellent qualities as it is renewable, sustainable and incredibly versatile. Not only can you use the wool itself but you can even use the lanolin which sheep also produce naturally which can be extracted once the sheep have been shorn.

Embrace the timeless Marsh and bring tradition back to the home with our range of throws, knee rugs, cushions and other homely touches. Capture the imagination of everyone, whether it be snuggling up on those cooler evenings or brightening up your room without the expense of a complete makeover, you may even wish to give as a wonderful personal present for your loved ones. Our range makes for a lovely heirloom which can be passed on from generation to generation. 

Available in a Variety of Colours and Patterns and made in the UK from 100% British Wool.

About Romney Marsh Wools

The family farm spans across part of the Romney Marsh and the adjacent escarpment of Aldington and Bonnington in Kent. The Romney Sheep has been in the family for at least six generations, possible more, our current numbers are 1,000 ewes lambing in the traditional season of March and April. The Romney Sheep are an important part of our modern farming system, grazing clover rich pastures and forming an essential role in our arable rotation. 

As Romney wool is considered to be one of the most versatile fleeces I decided to look for areas of diversification within this sphere. My wife and I set up an exciting diversification project to have our fleeces transformed. We take our fleeces to traditional weavers who hand process, then spin and weave our yarn into beautiful knee rugs and throws, which have a unique quality attributable to the Romney Sheep. With some of our cream wool we have mixed other naturally coloured native yarn to allow for varied design, colour and texture.

Wool Products

Some of our popular wool products:

For The Home
For The Home


Find out about these and all our products at Romney Marsh Wools - Our Range

How to Purchase

You can purchase our products online or from one of our retail outlets.

Further Information

For more information, please visit the Romney Marsh Wools website.

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