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Events 11 September 2022

Date: 2 Apr to 30 Oct Apr 2022

Time: 2pm to 4pm Every Saturday

Martello Tower No.24

Martello Tower No.24 plans to re-open in April 2022, observing the Government Covid-19 protocols in force at the time.  Bespoke visits for small groups may be possible before then. Find out more

Martello Tower No. 24 in Dymchurch High Street was one of 74 towers built along built along the south coast of England between 1805 and 1812, to resist the threatened French invasion.

74 Martello Towers were built on the Kent and Sussex coast, with Martello Tower No.24 considered to be the best surviving example, being closest to its original condition and it can be seen as it was when occupied by the military in 1806.

The tower has been restored to its original design and layout with almost all of the original tower still in place. Martello Tower No.24 is only one of 3 of the 74 built that is open to the public.

The tower contains almost all of the features of the original design including brickwork, front and parapet doors, window openings, fireplaces, ventilation shafts, the original 24 pounder muzzle-loading cannon on the gun platform, parapet shot lockers, hauling rings, replica gunpowder barrels, and replica 'Brown Bess' muskets.

You can find out more by visiting the Martello24.net website


Location: Dymchurch
Contact: peter@martello24.net
Date: 11 Sep 2022

Time: 11ma to 3pm

Sound MIrrors Open Day

You can gain exclusive access to the island at Lade Pits in Dungeness, Kent. Nestled on this island, you will discover the three spectacular relics of a pre-World War 2 acoustic aerial defence system, built to sound the alarm against enemy planes crossing the channel. Their secretive island retreat is the only location in the world where you can see all three designs in one place.

From 11am to 3pm, explore the mysteries of the listening dishes, talk to your friends and family from each end of the great 200ft curved wall and imagine what it would have been like to hear the engine sounds from approaching aircraft in years gone by.

There are limited tickets for each event, so grab yours early. However, if you don’t manage to get tickets for one event, don’t panic - there are plenty more dates to choose from. Please note that we are only accepting pre-booked tickets and are unable to accept drop-in visits on the day if we are at capacity, due to health and safety reasons. Free entry for children under 5.
Book online here.

Find out more about the Sound Mirrors

Location: RSPB Dungenesss
Contact: 01797 320588
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