Fish on Romney Marsh

A range of fish can be found in the Romney Marsh area, on The Royal Military Canal, on local lakes, in the sea and on the beaches.  Below are some examples of what can be found:

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Barrel Jellyfish 

The Barrel Jellyfish, also known as the 'dustbin lid' jellyfish, because of its shape, is an increasingly common site in British waters.  A recent jellyfish survey by the Marine Conservation Society indicates a significant rise in the number of Barrel Jellyfish being found in the UK seas, but they don't know why this is happening.

The Barrel Jellyfish is the largest found in the UK, with a diameter of up to 90cm and weighing up to 35kg (though the majority seen here are smaller than this).  Their bodies are over 90% water and they move in a pulsating motion. 

They have a strange appearance as the bell has no tentacles but there are 8 thick, frilled arms hang underneath.  The frills are actually small, dense tentacles around hundreds of little mouths, used to catch and eat their prey.  They feed on tiny plankton and as such their sting is mild to humans.

It is a favourite food of the leatherback turtle.

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Barrel Jellyfish
Barrel Jellyfish on Greatstone Beach

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